Zach in Emergency Room

This is REALLY a great find. Here’s a video of Zach doing a participation on Emergency Room: Code Blue. For those who doesn’t have any idea what is this, it’s a computer game, which YOU can be the doctor. And on this episode, Zachary is in need f a surgery for his back’s pain.

Really thanks to kovaryo/Leonyne Fire for the find. Video and caps can be seen below:

Other Projects > Games > Emergency Room: Code Blue (2000)

  • Video is updated (with better sound)

  • Really cute and funny but absolutely love the short film Hostage “A Love Story”. So funny (for realzees) Hope to see you in more funny short films but also enjoyed you in Heroes and Star Trek.

  • nat

    LOVED THiS! SO hilarious!

  • Anna

    i wonder if this video was resent….. anywho its a cute vid. 😀

  • Josekun

    All very clear. 😀 :yes: xddd V__V