Zachary Quinto’s Indie Inspiration

By Jennifer Odell, with reporting my Mary S. Park

When he’s not busy creeping out “Heroes” fans as the serial killer Sylar, or helping to man (or is that Vulcan?) the USS Enterprise as Spock, Zachary Quinto makes time to keep up with some of the hottest new releases on the indie film circuit. Last week, he debuted his own new indie film, “Breaking Upwards,” at New York’s IFC Center. And on Friday April 9, he stopped by the Gen Art premiere for “Electra Luxx,” to see his pal Carla Gugino portray a pregnant porn star. We caught up with the 32-year-old actor in an exclusive interview at the festival, where he shared his feelings about what makes Gen Art so unique.

Wonderwall: What did you think of Carla Gugino’s performance in “Electra Luxx”?
Zachary Quinto: I think she’s such a stunning performer. I think she’s so brave and so funny and so sweet and so beautiful.

WW: How did you like the film?
ZQ: I loved watching it and I loved that she’s my friend, so it was really fun.

WW: What do you think sets Gen Art apart from the other film festivals?
ZQ: It’s interesting, Gen Art does a lot of different kinds of arts collaborations and that’s really inspiring. Actually, I haven’t been to that many festivals. I mean I’ve only done one movie and it wasn’t really on the festival circuit so I look forward to it, actually. I look forward to the experience I’ve had so far being a platform that allows me to do [films like these.]

WW: So what’s next for you?
ZQ: I’m in the next Sebastian [Gutierrez]’s next movie and I’m looking forward to doing more work like that — more work with people that are inspired and inspiring, to tell stories in a different way. And Sebastian and Carla are two of those people. So I’m really grateful to be in their midst.

Source: Wonderwall