Heroes’s make-up artist, Wendi Lynn Allison about zach (and cast)

Wendi Lynn posted on her blog about the cancellation, and a few (and pretty) words about the cast. During this years we was always able to read Wendi Lynn posts and see her behind-the-scenes photos, so it’s touching (and quite sad) to read her goodbye post.

Zach: What can I say? He was always my shoulder. I think Zach listened to me a lot. We had many chats, a few downs, but mostly I became very attached to him as well and had many great conversations in between shooting scenes with him. A true talent and warm soul. He always could make me laugh with his tireless humor. So much fun we had with all the blood. Let’s also not forget Noah, he was our Trailer Mascot. 🙂 I love me “My Zach!”

Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened!

  • Skysearcher

    You did an amazing job Ms. Wendi ! I hope you will do it all again and again .. All the best to you .