Angels in America

First of all, I’m sorry for some kind of neglecting this site. Life is being busy and there’s no much news on Zach surfing on.
Angels in America kicked off yesterday, and it will be extended until Feb 20, 2011. Visit the official site here, to buy your tickets!

Oh, and check this fan encounter:

So, this is me and ZQ. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time and I literally cannot believe it just happened. I was proud of myself for being able to actually hold a conversation with him. Well, kind of. He looked really tired. But I just introduced myself, shook his hand, told him I was a big fan and it was nice to meet him. He smiled a classic ZQ smile and said, “Thank you so much for coming out.” I felt like I was cheating because we didn’t actually see the play because it sold out so quickly. But I live in Manhattan on 34th Street, so I just figured, ‘heyyyyy let’s not do reading for American Political Thought and Practice and go say hi to ZQ instead.’

Anyway, he also signed my friend Rosie’s philosophy book (Augustine). And he wrote, “Rosie, stay smart! xox Zachary Quinto” It was precious. When she and Katie took a picture, Rosie said, “Can we hold up the vulcan sign?” And he said, “You can!” And so she did.

The end.

I really adore him even more now. Even though he has crazy eyes in this picture.

  • Melissa Sharpley

    did you meet zachary quinto at the stage door? i hear if you wait there you have a good chance of meeting a broadway actor. please let me know want to fly up from arkansas in februaryto see the show. lol! is he both shows?

  • Erica

    lucky you! totally jealous… 🙄

  • lucky igrl!! but one day I´ll know him …I´m jeolous!!!