Zachary Quinto just saved American Horror Story

Up until now I’ve been describing American Horror Story as highly watchable garbage. Highly watchable, because of the powerhouse performances Jessica Lange has been delivering each and every week, with her collection of horny ghouls. But garbage, because the family unit and main characters elicit no emotional response whatsoever from the audience. All that changed last night, when Zachary Quinto joined the cast.

In the big two-part Halloween episode, we get to meet the “murder-suicide” gay couple who fixed up the Murder House. But what’s this? Their death was not “murder-suicide” as had been previously stated — there’s a tweeest! Turns out, like everything else in the house stuffed with oversexed spirits, Quinto and his Man were murdered by The Rubber Man!

And according to the rules of Murder House, once you die in this gorgeous Restoration Hardware showroom, your soul is forever doomed to roam the halls, sniffing around for sex and trouble. First off, this is my absolutely favorite death flash so far this season. The completely over-the-top Martha Stewart gay that Quinto was channeling could have been a bloody awful to watch. But thank goodness, Quinto is a very talented actor, and watching his transition from snipping homemaker to intense OCD nut job was wildly entertaining, and actually quite scary. Can we just get rid of the Harmons, and follow around Chad and Patrick?

To read the whole article, go here. It’s not my oppinion, since I like the show, but I couldn’t agree more on her asking to follow around Chad and Patrick.