“Star Trek 2” at San Diego Comic-Con?

The UNNOFICIAL blog for San Diego Comic-Con did a post today about some movies that may be appearing at this year’s SDCC.

Though some movie studios have decreased their presence at the con after big SDCC hits resulted in tiny box office bumps, Comic-Con remains one of the biggest places to show off upcoming movies, especially those of the sci-fi and fantasy variety. Below we have a list of 20 possible flicks for SDCC 2012, along with a percentage of the chance they’ll be in attendance and some information about each. Even though they’re only (researched and well-judged) guesses, it should be more than enough to get any movie buff excited for this year’s con.

16. Star Trek 2 – 85% – They’ve been stuck in the editing bay for months and JJ Abrams is a notorious fan of the con. I’d expect not only the first footage, but also the whole cast in what will certainly be one of the bigger con events this year.