American Horror Story: Asylum – Meet the New Cast of Characters!

The Hollywood Report has a special today introducing all new characters of all new American Horror Story: Asylum. Here’s Dr. Thredson:

Zachary Quinto
Who he was: Chad Warwick, an aspiring gay dad who ultimately was trapped in the Harmons’ house of hell.
Who he is now: Quinto counterbalances Cromwell’s Dr. Arden as Dr. Oliver Thredson, a psychiatrist with logic, reason and — most importantly — compassion on his side who’s more serious and grounded than Chad. “He comes at things from a very clinical perspective; he’s the most contemporary thinker but he’s still a psychiatrist in 1964,” Quinto says. “He gets assigned the job of evaluating one of the patients in the asylum and then gets exposed to some of the environments that make him concerned about the well-being of some of the other patients,” Quinto adds, setting the stage for a smack down with Sister Jude. “He has a sense of morality and compassion and Sister Jude doesn’t, so hopefully that would win.”
Cryptic teaser: Once Kit is brought into the asylum, the good doc’s interest will be piqued as he attempts to determine his sanity. “The whole world becomes about what is sane, what is insane, what’s real, what’s evil. How every character goes through and processes that determines a lot of interaction and connection,” Quinto says.