Zach Quinto beams up the latest tech devices

Spock, Enterprise science officer, has a constant inner conflict with his Vulcan and human sides.

Zachary Quinto, the actor who brings Spock back to the big screen this month in Star Trek Into Darkness, has his own inner struggle: with tech.

Just because the long-lived franchise uses cutting-edge technology doesn’t mean Quinto embraces tech off the set. “I don’t consider myself particularly technologically advanced,” he says, “by any stretch of the imagination.”

Quinto does use Twitter (@ZacharyQuinto) and has his own website ( but doesn’t have a Facebook account. He has only one screen’s worth of apps on his iPhone. “Hipstamatic is my favorite photography app. I take pictures with [it] and post them on Instagram,” he says. “I like to take pictures on the fly and document my experience for myself. And it’s a good way to inform people of stuff that I am doing and places I am going or experiences I am having.”

Overall, the theater-seasoned actor, 35, uses his smartphone mostly for texting, e-mail and actual calls. “I just started getting into more music apps like Spotify, which seems kind of cool. I am dipping my toe in that experience,” he says. “I do consider myself somewhat of a Luddite. I try to unplug as often as I can.”

Advances can dehumanize, he says. “We think we are so much more connected because we carry these devices around with us so we can press buttons and talk to someone immediately. But… we are actually coming further and further away from true connection. And that is the thing for me that gets a little scary.”

What one sci-fi invention would he wish for? The transporter. “It would save a lot of time and a lot of hassle taking off your shoes at the security line at the airport. …If I could just dematerialize and rematerialize on the other side of the country, I would probably use that technology to my benefit.”

How logical.

USA Weekend