More on Galway Film Fleadh Q&A

Talking a little more about the Q&A Zachary did at Galway Film Fleadh, this one was shared by Melise Amour, which was lucky enough to met Zach and shared some quotes from the interview.

Zachary on Acting:
“I had a blind faith in myself. Even when other people didn’t believe in me I just had to believe in myself.”
“Pound the fucking pavement! It took me eight years to get Heroes and that was with an agent.”

Zachary on Those he Admires:
“To come to working on Glass Menagerie and realise how much I relate to Tennessee Williams has been a profound experience.”
“It was great coming into the role [of Spock] having Leonard’s blessing. I’ve become very close to him. I really value our relationship.”

Zachary on Producing Margin Call:
“If you’re going to shoot a movie on the collapse then you better do it in the most fiscally responsible way.”
“We got Kevin Spacey and then, VOLCANO! Like what the fuck? Then with got Jeremy Irons on-board and he had no visa. It was the fastest visa the state department had ever issued. He was worth it.”

Zachary on Friends and Family:
“The only thing that matters is trust. My best friends are those I’ve known since college.”
“My one and a half year old Godson knows how to use an iPhone. I Facetime with him.”

Zachary on Coming Out:
“I never consider that the characters I play limit the life that I live and I don’t feel the life that I live limits the characters I can play.”

Zachary on Technology:
“It can’t be about this but it is. I use it, but as a platform. Some people live through these. People craft lives online. I don’t pretend to be above it but I fear it will end us. We can not undo technology.”
“Why are we recording? Why not just live it?”