‘We’ll Never Have Paris’ picked up by K5

There are a lot of actors making the move into directing these days, with rather mixed levels of success. One actor who has made the jump is The Big Bang Theory actor Simon Helberg, who has co-directed the movie We’ll Never Have Paris, along with Jocelyn Town.

It has now been confirmed that We’ll Never Have Paris has been picked up by K5 Intl. for the international disribution rights. It has also been announced that K5 will kick off the sales at the AFM.

As well as directing We’ll Never Have Paris, Simon Helberg also wrote the screenplay for the film and he has opened up about working with Jocelyn Towne on the comedy, “Jocelyn and I have attempted to tell a story about the complete and utter destruction of our relationship,” explained Helberg.

We’ll Never Have Paris will see Simon Helberg in the lead role and will also star some impressive names, including Zachary Quinto, Alfred Molina, Melanie Lynskey, Jason Ritter and Maggie Grace. Dog-Eared Pictures and K5 will present in association with H3 Films, BiFrost Pictures, Bridge Finance Company and e2b Capital.