New Photoshoot for Mr. Porter

Although the character he is most identified with – the half-vulcan, half-human Mr Spock of the 2009 and 2013 rebooted Star Trek movies – is hardly known for his chic daywear or the way he rocks a pair of jeans, off-screen the actor Mr Zachary Quinto has become something of a fashion plate.

He flew relatively under the radar in Los Angeles, but the 36 year old, who now lives in New York and is currently starring in a glorious revival of Mr Tennessee Williams’ memory play The Glass Menagerie, has become a regular on the party circuit. He has been known to shown up at a CFDA party in a classic yet contemporary grey suit made for him by his friend, Mr Todd Snyder, and attend a Met Ball in an eye-catching waistcoat, his hair tinted an electric blue to complement the evening’s punk theme.

“It’s more a matter of trying to make sure I’m wearing things that fit well but that are not boring,” says Mr Quinto in his dressing room upstairs at the Booth Theater, where in a few hours he will take to the stage in Mr Williams’ 1945 play. “As a guy, that’s a little more of a challenge than if you’re able to wear a big gown. We have to work with fewer resources. It becomes about the details. Cufflinks. Tie bars. Do you have a break in your trousers or is it a shorter hem? I’ve learnt a lot about tailoring: what fits and what lines are good for me and my body type.”

Today, a particularly cold Friday in Times Square, Mr Quinto is wearing a pair of dark, slim-fitting jeans and a cashmere sweatshirt – his “typical New York uniform” – before he’ll change into his period costume.

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