Zachary Quinto Talks #3890Tigers and ‘Star Trek 4’ Updates

Zachary stepped down today on ET studios to discuss his new project with the World Wildlife Fund and Tiger Beer to help protect and double the amount of endangered tigers currently living in the wild.

When I was approached about [this project,] I was really shocked because there are only 3,890 [wild tigers] left in the world, which is shocking,” he explained. “I felt like as a well-documented and longtime animal lover, it was something that I felt really connected to and I don’t often feel connected to opportunities like this, so it was nice to feel like there was an authenticity to it.

Quinto is also spreading awareness for these endangered animals to his one million followers on Instagram by removing his profile picture to “mirror the disappearance of tigers in the wild” and he’s encouraging others to do the same.

Besides talking about this new project, he gave an update about another Star Trek sequel. Which is, none. No word has been given since J.J. Abram’s 2016 confirmation that a fourth movie is happening.

If I had [an update] I would give it to you. I’m expecting [the news of a fourth movie] to be true, but it’s always this way. It’s like, ‘Yes, we’re going to do it!’ but then there’s always a process — writing a script being primary among them — and I know that’s what they’re working on now. I think we’re all really excited to go back and we’ll do that whenever the phone rings and it’s J.J. on the other end.

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