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‘Periods’ Feature Film on iTunes

You may remember the short films Zach did a few years ago to Periods – we have them in our video archive. So now is the chance of you having a compilation of all films on iTunes.

Featuring Zachary Quinto (Star Trek 2, Margin Call), Penn Badgley (Easy A, Gossip Girl), Willie Garson (White Collar), and youtube star Grace Helbig, this raucous comedy chronicles the historical journey from the big bang to the end of humanity.

Zachary on Today Show

Zach was yesterday on Today Show, to talk about The Chair. Watch it:

‘Hollidaysburg’ New York Premiere

Yesterday it took place in New York the premiere of Anna Martemucci’s Hollidaysburg, a film which is part of The Chair (and you can pre-order it here). I have added a few mq pictures in our gallery:

Zachary Quinto on His New Reality Show The Chair and Becoming Buddies With Lena Dunham

This past Saturday, Starz premiered The Chair, a new series from Project Greenlight producer Chris Moore. The ten-episode competition takes the formula that helped make the 2001–2005 show a reality hit (having Ben Affleck and Matt Damon involved also helped, of course) and adds in a great twist: Two aspiring directors go head-to-head making their first films from the same script. And the directors couldn’t be more different. He’s a YouTube star; she’s a screenwriter who has come up through the indie film trenches. Serving as producer and mentor is actor Zachary Quinto, whose production company produced the Oscar-nominated Robert Redford film All Is Lost. We caught up with Quinto earlier this summer during the Television Critics Association press tour to talk about his new show and getting to hang with the cool kids on HBO’s Girls. (Unfortunately, this chat took place before Lena Dunham hinted he *might* be getting naked on the show.)

You were skeptical about doing this show. Why?
When I was first approached about doing “a reality show,” that was my trepidation. The delineation between a documentary series and a reality series is a hair-thin line, and I was really, really adamant about wanting to stay on the documentary side of that line.

Do you not watch any reality TV?
I don’t.

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Magazine Scans: TV Guide

The Chair is about to premiere – next September 6 on Starz – and TV Guide has on its current issue an interview with Zach.

Any concern this series is too inside baseball? Do we really want to know that much about how films are made?
Yes, people do! There’s a huge market for Blu-Ray extras and behind-the-scenes features. Listen, I’ve done the blockbuster Star Trek movies, yet I’ll sit watching one of them in a dark theater and go “How the hell did they do that scene?” [Laughs] And I was right there on the set when it happened.

You can find scans to read the full interview in our gallery thanks to my friend Bri (

“The Chair” First Look Trailer

Comic-Con is starting today and as you already know Zach, Anna Martemucci and Shane Dawson will be there tomorrow to present the new Starz series The Chair – which premiere next September 6.

Check in our video archive a first look trailer!

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