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Sean Patterson Birthday Party

Last night Zach (and his co-star Zoe Saldana) attended Sean Patterson birthday party. Sean is Wilhelmina Model’s president.

Public Appearances » 2009: Wilhelmina Model`s President Sean Patterson Hosts Star-Studded Birthday

“The Hangover” Premiere After-Party

Thanks to Cinzia, once again, we have pictures of last night after-party of “The Hangover” premiere. Check it:

Public Appearances » 2009: “The Hangover” Premiere After-Party

Another gallery update

Thanks, again, to wonderful Cinzia, we have 40 new pictures of Zach in Mexico, and a few HQ’s. :heart: Zach was last night with Zoe in a mexican party, but I don’t have pictures.

Public Appearances » 2009: Star Trek XI Mexico Photocall/Press Conference / Premiere

More promotional Star Trek pictures were released:

Photoshoots: Session 029

And I scanned a brazilian magazine with an article about Spock. Will translate it soon, I need to add another translations done by Sarmy member Vanessa.

Magazines » 2009: Sci Fi News (Brazil), May 2009

MTV Movie Awards 2009

Direct from their blog:

8:10: Zachary Quinto is here in gray slacks and a leather jacket, looking very, very chic.

Pictures will be posted as soon it arrives. HQ pictures has been added!

Public Appearances: MTV Movie Awards – May 31

Michael Kohn Gallery

Zach attended last night the David Lynch and Danger Mouse at Michael Kohn Gallery, and I added a few pictures to the gallery.

Public Appearances »2009: David Lynch and Danger Mouse at Michael Kohn Gallery – May 29* replaced with HQ

Also, added a translation to GQ article (scans here), done by Dolores Llodra. You can read it here.

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