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“Snowden” Press Conference

Last week Zachary attended in California a press conference for his new film “Snowden”. The film, co-starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Nicolas Cage and Shailene Woodley, opens September 16. We updated our gallery with a few pictures, hopefully more to come soon.

Zachary attends “Snowden” Panel at San Diego Comic-Con

Zach is being a busy bee in San Diego and today he attended the “Snowden” panel at San Diego Comic-Con. He was joined by co-stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Shailene Woodley and director Oliver Stone. Check the first pictures added in our gallery:

“Snowden” SDCC trailer

A new trailer for Oliver Stone’s Snowden just hit the web today, following the press conference held at SDCC earlier.

Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as one of the world’s most controversial whisteblowers, “Snowden” tracks the eponymous hacker’s rise from failed Special Forces trainee (he was discharged after he broke both of his legs) to CIA hotshot and ultimate betrayer. The drama is based on Luke Harding’s “The Snowden Files” and Anatoly Kucherena’s “Time of the Octopus” and was filmed outside of the United States out of fear of governmental interference from the NSA.

The film, co-starring Nicolas Cage, Zachary Quinto and Shailene Woodley, opens September 16. Watch the trailer below:

“Snowden” Trailer is Released!

Originally set for release last year, and having been privately screened at the Sun Valley Film Festival this spring, many figured Oliver Stone’s “Snowden” would be a shoo-in for Cannes. And while it did screen for organizers, it didn’t make the cut.

“I saw ‘Snowden’ and it’s a really good film. It complements ‘Citizenfour’ marvelously. It helps understand a lot of things, it’s a fascinating film,” festival honcho Thierry Fremaux told Screen Daily. “We’d have liked to have it at Cannes but the US producers — who also did ‘Spotlight’ – want to aim for the Oscars so for them a Cannes premiere was a little too early. It’s a different strategy but I respect that.”

Led by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who plays the whistleblower, the star-studded cast also features Shailene Woodley, Nicolas Cage, Melissa Leo, Zachary Quinto, Tom Wilkinson, Rhys Ifans, Joely Richardson, Scott Eastwood, and Timothy Olyphant in story of the man who blew open the NSA’s surveillance program. “Snowden” opens on September 16th.

‘Snowden’ Release Date Pushed Back

Open Road Films has decided to position Oliver Stone’s “Snowden” as an awards contender, moving the biopic back from May 13 to Sept. 16.

“Snowden” stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Shailene Woodley plays his girlfriend, Lindsay Mills. Melissa Leo, Zachary Quinto, Tom Wilkinson and Timothy Olyphant round out the cast.

The film had originally been set to open on Christmas last year, but Open Road decided last October to move it back to May.

Stone directed Snowden from a script he wrote with Kieran Fitzgerald based on Luke Harding’s book “The Snowden Files: The Inside Story of the World’s Most Wanted Man” and “Time of the Octopus,” written by Snowden’s Russian lawyer, Anatoly Kucherena.

Snowden was charged in 2013 by the U.S. Department of Justice with two counts of violating the Espionage Act and theft of government property, and his passport was revoked a week later by the U.S. Department of State. He was granted temporary asylum by Russia in 2014.

Moritz Borman is producing with Eric Kopeloff and Philip Schulz-Deyle.

Zach covers Hamptons Magazine

Zachary is cover of Hamptons Magazine, on its Labor Day issue. On the interview, he talks a little bit about his next project Snowden:

Speaking of making connections, you just worked with one of your all-time favorites, Oliver Stone, on this December’s Snowden, the biopic about Edward Snowden. What was that like?
The experience was awesome. I loved working with Oliver Stone. I’ve been a fan of his movies from such a young age. I remember when JFK came out, I was obsessed with it. There’s just something about his brand of storytelling and his style that is so natural. Working with him was a real honor. We got along really well.

You play real-life journalist Glenn Greenwald, who in some ways is one of the heroes in this story.
I have a lot of respect for his passion and his intelligence. He’s an incredibly smart man, and it was really great to get to know his points of view a little bit through playing him. Something Glenn talks a lot about is this idea that it’s easy to go through our lives and to have the sense of “If we are being watched, I don’t have anything to hide. And if [watching us] helps keep us safer, then all right.” The problem with that mentality is that you don’t take into account what could happen in the future. For any number of reasons a person could all of a sudden find himself in the position of being opposed to the government and taking a stand or becoming part of movement that is taking a stand that could be considered confrontational. Then because of this mass surveillance, you have all this information like the “cloud.” I learned a lot about how easy it is to hack into our phones, computers, and [web] cams—which I now have a piece of tape over all the time. It made me not paranoid, just aware of how to communicate and when to be careful. Being a part of something like this film is like looking down the barrel at something.

Check digital scans added in our gallery:

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