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(Scans) SFX ’50 Years of Star Trek’

The March issue of SFX Magazine is has a 20 page special dedicated to Star Trek series. You will find digital scans added in our gallery, with the whole feature.

Zach Sign for Fourth ‘Star Trek’ Movie

Zach and Chris Pine have re-negotiated their contracts with Paramount Pictures and Skydance Entertainment for a possible fourth film in the J.J. Abrams-designed Star Trek franchise. In the new contract, The Hollywood Reporter says that Chris Pine has made about $6 million—$3 of which will be for the unnamed third Star Trek movie that began filming this week.

The new contracts will add between $10-$15 million to the third Star Trek’s budget, according to the Reporter, but it seems like a worthy investment. The Pine and Quinto pairing is a key factor in the Star Trek franchise at this point. And though they were contractually obliged to star in three Star Trek films, nothing held them to a fourth. If the third Stark Trek continues the series’ upward box office trend (Stark Trek grossed $385.7 million while Star Trek: Into Darkness made $467 million), then the studios should stick with what works.

The third Stark Trek film is set to hits theaters in 2016.

Gallery: Star Trek Re-Added

All pictures of both Star Trek movies are now re-added to the new gallery:

‘Star Trek 2’ Won’t Start Filming For ‘A While’

‘I can’t wait to go back,’ actor said of sequel while attending San Diego Comic-Con.

Though Zachary Quinto is at San Diego Comic-Con to promote “Lucid,” the first comic from his production company, Before the Door Pictures, which debuted at the Con, he was willing to shed some light on the upcoming “Star Trek 2.”

There isn’t much known about the sequel, though writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman told MTV News that they’re “making significant process on the story.” Quinto, who was joined by “Lucid” creator and author Michael McMillian at the convention, said he is ready for anything the writers throw at him.

“I can’t wait to go back. We have a while until we’re going to do another one. It probably won’t be until next year at this time,” he said, debunking rumors that filming would start in January.

J.J. Abrams, who directed 2009’s “Star Trek,” hasn’t confirmed that he will be directing the sequel, but Quinto said he would still be onboard even if Abrams isn’t.

“I have a lot of trust and gratitude and respect for J.J. [Abrams] and Damon Lindelof and for Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman. They know what they’re doing,” Quinto said. “I would obviously love to see J.J. directing every ‘Star Trek’ movie that I’m ever a part of, but if it’s not the case, I’m sure whoever does will be someone he’s chosen for whatever reason. They know what’s up. I just show up where they tell me to show up and stand on a piece of tape.”

When asked if there might be a Spock-versus-Khan confrontation in the film, Quinto avoided the question by pretending he was asked if there would be a Con, in the film. “Actually, ‘Star Trek 2? takes place at Comic-Con. Have you gotten an advance copy of the script? Unacceptable,” the actor joked.

Quinto continued, “I don’t know man, I don’t know. I’m just excited. My focus is elsewhere and I know that when the time is right and they want me to be involved again … Until then, I love to let them do their thing because I know that what they’re doing is really exciting but also really fun. They’re good people.”

Zachary ready to beg Nimoy to return for second ‘Star Trek’

Zachary Quinto is more than a little bummed that Leonard Nimoy won’t be returning to the “Star Trek” franchise.

The newest “Spock” told us that it took a personal plea from J.J. Abrams to get Nimoy out of retirement the first time – and Quinto admits that he thinks it would take a lot more for a repeat.

“I think I might have to ask him this time,” the actor joked at the N.Y.C. premiere of “Breaking Upwards” at the IFC Film Center on Thursday night.

But the “Heroes” bad boy promises that he’ll be on board when the next film happens.

“Every time J.J. calls I pick up in a heartbeat,” he laughed. “I assure you that. And when it’s to tell me to come to work I’ll be there.”

Source: NYDaily news

Zachary Quinto Does Not Expect to See the Trek XII Script Until End of 2010

Zachary Quinto may be taking some time off Trek (perhaps to play Gershwin) but he appears to be looking forward to getting back into it. The new Spock talked briefly to Entertainment Weekly about the Trek sequel and how he is as anxious as we all are to find out what writers Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof are up to.

Zach wants to be a Vulcan on the wall

The new issue of Entertainment Weekly has a very brief ‘Spock Talks Trek’ article, with some stuff about the new Star Trek Online game (with nothing new) and also a bit about Star Trek sequel. Here is what Quinto had to say.

How did you get involved with this?
It was a good way to show my continued support for the Star Trek universe, because I’m going to leave it for a while until we start the second movie. I played [Star Trek Online] for about a half hour. I’m not really good at that stuff. I had an Atari when I was a kid, when it was still the gaming console. Pitfall! is my favorite.

How’s the movie sequel coming?
[The writing team is] probably sequestered in a room somewhere. I’d love to be a fly on the wall to see what they’re coming up with. The next stage will be actually drafting the script. It’s a long process so I don’t expect to have anything to read until the end of the year.

Read the rest in the latest issue of EW, on newsstands now.

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