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Hannibal 3×10 Clips & Caps

Our video archive and our gallery was updated with clip and HD screencaptures of Zachary guest appearance on Hannibal, which aired last August 6. Zach plays Neal Frank.
Be aware screencaptures contains spoilers, if you didn’t see the episode yet. Thanks to Claudia from for sending the HD caps to us.

Hannibal | “…And the Woman Clothed in Sun” HQ Stills

Two HQ stills of Hannibal upcoming episode 10, titled “…And the Woman Clothed in Sun“, has been added thanks to Far Far Away site. Zach first appearance was on the very first episode of the series, but creator Bryan Fuller revealed we’ll know more on his character, Neal Frank, on this upcoming episode. Enjoy the pictures.

Comic-Con 2015: Hannibal – Look ahead at the Red Dragon

During the Comic-Con, NBC has released this trailer with the weeks ahead in the (sadface) last season of Hannibal, and a look of the arrival of the Red Dragon (played by Richard Armitage). Check the clip below, there’s a small scene with Zach for the upcoming episode 10:

Hannibal 3×01 “Antipasto” Screencaptures

Hannibal premiered its season 3 last night and as announced, we could get a glimpse of Zach’s character, Neal Frank. You will see more of his character next on episode 10:

I’ve added over 100 screencaptures from the episode in our gallery, thanks to our friend Claudia from Radiant Gillian Anderson (beware with spoilers!).

‘Hannibal’ Season 3: Zachary Quinto’s Character Revealed

Hannibal premiere is just kicking in, and finally we had some words on which character Zachary is playing on it. According to TV Insider, Zach is playing Neal Frank and is set to show in two episodes, being the first one the season premiere next June 4, and next appearing in the episode 10.

Read more - beware, it contain spoilers!

Visit our favorite Hannibal-related sites Mads Mikkelsen Source, Hugh Dancy Fans and Radiant Gillian Anderson for more Hannibal news, and don’t forget to tune in on NBC next June 4 for its season premiere.