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Zachary Quinto cast on ‘The Slap’

From Entertainment Weekly:

Zachary Quinto is returning to NBC. The Heroes and Star Trek actor has signed on to star in NBC’s provocative mini-series The Slap.

The show is billed as complex family drama about what happens after a man slaps another couple’s misbehaving child. Quinto has signed on as Harry, the slapper. From the official description: “Married, with a 15-year-old son, he is a mechanic/dealer specializing in expensive European automobiles, and lives with his family in a Brooklyn loft. Perennially angry but seemingly pleased with his life, he’s something of a Neanderthal, ‘always trying to pick a fight.’ However, Harry picks on the wrong guy when he slaps the horribly misbehaving child of another couple.”

Also joining the cast: Emmy winner Brian Cox (Nuremberg) as the “peacemaker in the family, quick to defray any tension. He’s a strong man with old world values, good-hearted and clearly devoted to his family.”

Both join previously announced cast members Peter Sarsgaard and Mary-Louise Parker. The eight-episode miniseries is based on an acclaimed 2001 Australian project and is written by Jon Robin Baitz (The West Wing). No air date has been set.

“What’s Your Number” Interview Cast

2008 “A Night at Sardi’s”

I’m having problems to uploading new videos, so while I try to fix it, what about new pictures? :angel:

Added pictures of 2008 show “A Night at Sardi’s”, with lovely Kristen Bell. Also, some HQ pictures of LA Str Trek press conference.

Public Appearance » 2009: Star Trek LA Press Conference

Public Appearance » 2008: A Night at Sardi’s – Show

T-Mobile Sidekick Launch

Zach attended the T-Mobile Sidekick LX’s launch held at Paramount Studios in Hollywood last night. There’s some pictures in the gallery.

In a webmistress personal news, updates here will continue, but once or twice a day. I had an accident this week and still recovering, so can’t stay much longer online. But don’t worry, the site won’t be abandoned.

Zach @ Ellen Degeneres Show – Backstage

As previously warned, Zach will be tomorrow at The Ellen Degeneres Show.
But, it was recorded today. The show site has a live cam, which was possible to see Zach today. I wasn’t able to watch, but the always lovely milkandmolasses did it, and capped it.

Check some:

You can expect tomorrow clips and caps of the show, as always. 😉

“Love The Beast” At The 2009 Tribeca Film Festival

Zachary attended the premiere of ‘Love the Beast’ during the 8th Annual Tribeca Film. Added a few photos, with more to come.

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