Qunto “Awkward” About Writer’s Strike

Heroes star Zachary Quinto feels uncomfortable about the ongoing Hollywood writers strike because he’s required to work on the new Star Trek prequel while friends and colleagues protest.

The actor reveals he finished working on Heroes on the Friday before the strike began and started work on Star Trek with director J.j. Abrams the following Monday.

Many of his TV castmates have not returned to the set since the strike forced producers to halt filming – but he can’t even show his support.

Quinto explains, “To be working through this and to be required to work is really strange. It’s a combination of feeling really fortunate and oddly awkward and guilty and weird.”

But the actor sympathises with the striking writers, even though he won’t benefit from the outcome of the action.

He tells the Los Angeles Times newspaper, “The unfortunate need for the sacrifice of individuals to benefit for the group is uncomfortable and painful. The crew doesn’t benefit from the outcome of the negotiations. That’s difficult for me.”

source: teentelevision.com

Zachary Trying to Perfect the Vulcan Salute

According to Monsters and Critics, Star Trek star Zachary Quinto is wearing an elastic band round his fingers to to perfect the Vulcan salute.

“I’ve been practicing my salute all the time, even on the Heroes set. I’ve put an elastic band round my fingers loads to try and get it right. I need to brush up on this stuff.”

Regarding the Vulcan make-up, including the ‘pointy’ ears, Quinto says the process is extremely time-consuming.

“They put a bald cap on you, rub Vaseline in your eyebrows and then cover you in goo from your shoulders upwards. They keep your nostrils open with tubes while three people slather it all over your head. Then it dries, so they put the actual plaster on that.” he said

“Your head then weighs about 20lbs, and it takes about 25 minutes. If you’re claustrophobic, I imagine you’d be in big trouble. I swear, there were a couple of times when I had a take a really deep breath.”

source: trekweb.com

FHM December 2007 Scans

Thanks to this community I have scans of Zach from the FHM December 2007 issue. Check them out here:

2×10 – “Truth and Consequences” Screencaptures

Hey everybody, I added 192 screencaptures of this week’s episode of Heroes “Truth and Consequences” to the gallery and will hopefully have video clips up tomorrow!

Zachary Quinto Featured in Limited Edition FHM

You may not have seen a lot of Zachary Quinto on Heroes so far this season. But fans will get their fill of this actor when he stars as Spock in the upcoming Star Trek movie.

With that role in mind, FHM has come out with a limited edition issue that features the actor on its cover. The magazine is only available for purchase here. You can see some previews of the pictures there as well. I’ll have scans coming up as soon as I’m able to buy the mag!

First Glimpse of Zach as Spock

Hey all, I just found some pictures of Zach on set of Star Trek as Spock and I added them to the gallery:

You can view more of them here.

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