“Hitman: Agent 47” New Promotional Images

I came across some high quality promotional images of Zach on his newest film Hitman: Agent 47 and have it added to our gallery. The previous ones was also updated with high quality size. Check it:

Hannibal 3×10 Clips & Caps

Our video archive and our gallery was updated with clip and HD screencaptures of Zachary guest appearance on Hannibal, which aired last August 6. Zach plays Neal Frank.
Be aware screencaptures contains spoilers, if you didn’t see the episode yet. Thanks to Claudia from gillianlanderson.com for sending the HD caps to us.

Zach promoting “Hitman Agent 47” in New York

This past week Zach promoted his new film Hitman: Agent 47 in New York attending some screenings, interviews and also the film premiere. The gallery has been updated with pictures of Zach attending these events.

Agent 47 Featurette: Who’s John Smith?

Who is John Smith? That’s the question asked in this Hitman: Agent 47 exclusive on Zachary Quinto‘s character!

Directed by Aleksander Bach, the film stars Rupert Friend, Zachary Quinto, Hannah Ware, Thomas Kretschmann and Ciaran Hinds.

Hitman: Agent 47 centers on an elite assassin who was genetically engineered from conception to be the perfect killing machine, and is known only by the last two digits on the barcode tattooed on the back of his neck. He is the culmination of decades of research – and forty-six earlier Agent clones — endowing him with unprecedented strength, speed, stamina and intelligence. His latest target is a mega-corporation that plans to unlock the secret of Agent 47’s past to create an army of killers whose powers surpass even his own. Teaming up with a young woman who may hold the secret to overcoming their powerful and clandestine enemies, 47 confronts stunning revelations about his own origins and squares off in an epic battle with his deadliest foe.

Hitman: Agent 47 hits theaters on August 21.

Star Trek: To Boldly Go: Round 2

First it was the entire Star Trek Beyond cast introducing the Star Trek: To Boldly Go initiative that will result not only in one lucky Trek fan winning a walk-on role, but also in nine global causes — chosen personally by the cast — receiving equal portions of the funds raised by the campaign. Then it was Simon Pegg and Anton Yelchin urging fans to beam up for the contest. And now we’ve got a video of Zachary Quinto and Karl Urban highlighting the fact that the incredible experience is something that the winners will be able to share with a friend of their choosing.

Go to Omaze.com/StarTrek to participate.

New ‘old’ photoshoot for Details magazine

The gallery was updated with a new photoshoot Zach did back in 2011 for Details magazine.

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