June 2nd, 2010 Zach 5

Depending on where you live, it’s already June 2nd and it’s also Zach’s 33th birthday! So please leave your birthday wishes in case Zach stops by. It’s not impossible at all, you know. ;)

If you have Twitter, be sure to leave to @zacharyquinto your message. I’m sure he will love it!

Zach: Zach Quinto Network wishes you all the best now and always, both in your career and in your private life!

May 17th, 2010 Heroes 1

Wendi Lynn posted on her blog about the cancellation, and a few (and pretty) words about the cast. During this years we was always able to read Wendi Lynn posts and see her behind-the-scenes photos, so it’s touching (and quite sad) to read her goodbye post.

Zach: What can I say? He was always my shoulder. I think Zach listened to me a lot. We had many chats, a few downs, but mostly I became very attached to him as well and had many great conversations in between shooting scenes with him. A true talent and warm soul. He always could make me laugh with his tireless humor. So much fun we had with all the blood. Let’s also not forget Noah, he was our Trailer Mascot. :) I love me “My Zach!”

Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened!

May 16th, 2010 Heroes 2

chapter’s end…

the road ahead…

yesterday nbc announced that heroes is officially cancelled. as much as we have been aware of this possibility for a few weeks – it remains surreal to consider that the decision has been made. the action has been taken. and this chapter (or volume) is really over for all of us who worked on the show – and for all of you who watched it. i want to extend myself in a huge swell of gratitude to all of the fans. for investing in the stories we told. for engaging in the characters we created. and for standing by us through all the ups and downs of what was at times a rocky road. your commitment enriched the experience for all of us – and i know that we will always be grateful for your enthusiasm. it has been a true honor to share this time in my life with my amazing cast mates and our indomitable crew. i will certainly miss them most of all. the gift of working alongside such talented and inspiring people is something i will carry with me everywhere i go from here. and no matter where my work and my life take me – i will forever look back on heroes as the game changer. tim kring and the original creative team and writing staff took a risk on me to play gabriel gray when there was no reason to risk – besides their belief in me. they gave voice to a character that has challenged me and rewarded me beyond my wildest imagination. i will never forget that. it is humbling and deeply moving. so i thank them. and i thank you. and i assure you that while this door has closed – and as cliché as it sounds – others are flying open even as we speak. this is only the beginning in so many ways. and i hope that the fans i have made through this profound experience will follow me into many new and unchartered territories. i think the sarmy should lead the charge… it’s only fitting after all. thanks for your many well wishes and for your loyalty. let us move on with gratitude. that is exactly what i intend to do.


We’ll miss Sylar. But we’re sure a lot of great characters will appear for you, Zach.

May 14th, 2010 Heroes 1

It’s official. NBC has cancelled “Heroes.”

The network seriously mulled bringing back “Heroes” for a shortened final season to wrap up the serialized show, possibly as a two- or four-hour movie.

In the end, given the fairly high cost of the drama, the show’s consistently declining ratings and the number of new hour-longs coming to NBC next season, the network decided the UMS-produced series wasn’t worth an additional episode order. [Source]

May 12th, 2010 Heroes 0

For weeks, even in the face of Heroes’ bottom-dwelling ratings, conventional wisdom among TV-industry insiders has been that NBC was leaning heavily toward bringing back its once-mighty superhero series for a fifth and final thirteen-episode wrap-up season. But as NBC has become more confident in its slate of new shows, all indications are that our Heroes are dead.

Believe it or not, this is actually something of a surprise. Even though less than 5 million die-hard fans bothered to tune into last February’s season-four finale (down from a peak of just under 17 million viewers who were watching at the start of season two), observers had figured NBC would find a way to keep Heroes around, if only as an insurance policy in case all of its new offerings flopped this fall. And since the show is wholly owned by NBC Universal, some speculated that the money generated by DVDs and international sales of the show would be enough of an incentive for NBC to give the show one more shot.

But when NBC executives got a look at the new pilots they had ordered (five have already been commissioned as series), they fell in love with their own handiwork; the network felt far better about these new shows’ potential than they did about Heroes’. Even though there’s no guarantee that any of the newcomers will work, there’s a lot more upside to giving a new contender such as J.J. Abrams’s Undercovers the time to find an audience rather than yanking it off quickly and begging viewers to give Heroes one more shot. As a result, according to agency sources and chatter around Hollywood, Heroes has started looking less like a backup plan and more like a waste of money.

However, NBC (which declined to comment for this story) is nothing if not appreciative of the few Heroes fans who still care about the saga and doesn’t want to leave them hanging. While a half-season appears to be out of the question, we hear there’s a good chance the network will at least try to find a way to fund a two- or four-hour movie event in order to give some finality to the franchise. Those discussions haven’t taken place yet, however, since NBC still hasn’t officially told Heroes creator Tim Kring his show is canceled. Networks like to hold on to as many cards as possible headed into their annual upfront announcements (NBC’s is on Monday), in case some last-minute development suddenly shifts the scheduling equation. This time last year, for example, the obits for Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse had already been written when Fox stunned TV types by giving the show another (futile) shot.

In the case of Heroes, however, you can probably stick a Kensei sword in it: It’s done.

Source: Vulture

It will be sad if the series don’t return to have a decent end…

May 3rd, 2010 Gallery 1

Zachary Quinto is one of the few celebs featured in shutterbug Tyler Shields‘ new type of photography that he created called Collisions.

Collisions are a new type of photography I have created, they are made using NO PHOTOSHOP and what you are looking at is one image taken with one camera… I CAN NOT STRESS TO YOU ENOUGH THIS IS ALL DONE IN CAMERA NO PHOTOSHOP!!!!!!!! The name of these are “Collisions” more will be coming down the road a bit but for now here is the first ever released.

April 27th, 2010 Before The Door, Projects 0

Zachary Quinto grows a tiny mustache and gets ready for a bull fight in his latest video for FunnyOrDie.com, Before After! He plays a matador, a priest preparing to perform an exorcism on a possible “bluffer” and a birthday party clown in the brand new short, comprised of three vignettes.

“before. after. all at once. in just a few hours. hurry. olé,” Zachary tweeted late last night.

Before The Door > Short Movies > Before After

April 26th, 2010 Gallery 0

Broadway brought all the babes to the yard! Zachary Quinto, Hugh Jackman, Neil Patrick Harris, Harry Connick Jr, and Chloe Sevigny all came out for the opening night of ‘Promises, Promises’ at the Broadway Theatre in New York City on Sunday, April 25th. Check pictures:

Appearances > 2010 > April 25 – “Promises, Promises” Broadway Opening Night

April 25th, 2010 Gallery, Public Appearances 0

Spock and Kirk, i mean, Zach and Chris were spotted last night at “Monogamy” after party, on Tribeca festival. Pictures were added:

Appearances > 2010 > April 24 – 9th Annual Tribeca Film Festival – “Monogamy” – After Party

April 21st, 2010 Gallery, Public Appearances 0

Zach attended last night the Opening Night of Green Day’s “American Idiot”. You’ll find pictures in our gallery.

Appearances > 2010 > April 20 – Opening Night of Green Day’s “American Idiot”

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