September 4th, 2009 Before The Door 3

The outtake from Hostage posted here before was removed, in respect to Rachel Harris. See here what Neal has posted:

Hello community. Just wanted to let you know that we took down the “Rachael Harris Meltdown” video this morning, as you saw. We didn’t take it down because it was generating controversy (in fact for the 25,000 hits it received before being pulled, it had over 85% “funny” clicks) – comedy is subjective, especially if it involves a video with someone seemingly screaming obscenities at a baby. We took it down because Rachael Harris asked us to. Plain and simple. Rachael is amazing, and we had a great time working with her, so we took it down, as funny as it was. ANd for the record – the baby wasn’t on the receiving end of all the screaming and swearing, it was just made to look that way. He was happy as a clam the entire time. If you see the video reposted on youtube, do us a favor and request that it be removed (after you watch it… shhhh…).

A true outtakes video for HOSTAGE is still coming next week, featuring ZQ and Roberta. It’ll make you chuckle – we promise.

– Neal & the guys

September 2nd, 2009 Before The Door, Projects 4

The video debuted today at FunnyOrDie! and you can read more about it on the Before the Door’s project page.

Before the Door » Short Movies » Hostage (2009) screencaptures

September 1st, 2009 Before The Door, Projects 0

Hostage1Zachary Quinto is coming to a computer near you. The Heroes star will be starring in Hank Nelken’s short film Hostage: A Love Story, which is set to premiere on tomorrow.

The short movie will be viewable for free starting September 2 on the website, and will star Quinto alongside Roberta Valderrama, who is most notable for appearing in twenty-one episodes of the series 10 Items Or Less.

Heroes season three is out on DVD today, and you can see Quinto in action when the fourth season of the drama premieres later this month.

September 1st, 2009 Heroes, Multimedia 0

Thanks once again to Andreas, another exclusive interview to Heroes, this time during Season 3:

Heroes » NBC Exclusives » Season 3 Interviews: Screencaptures | Watch Video

September 1st, 2009 Star Trek 0

The nominees for this year’s Scream Awards are in, and Star trek got several nominations, including “The Ultimate Scream”, “Best Science Fiction Movie”, “Best Director”, “Best Villain” to Eric Bana, “Best Actress” to Zoe Saldana and “Best Actor” to our beloved couple Zach and Chris:

-Nicolas Cage; “Knowing”
-Josh Holloway; “Lost”
-Shia LaBeouf; “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”
-Chris Pine; “Star Trek”
-Zachary Quinto; “Star Trek”
-Sam Rockwell; “Moon”

To vote, goes here:

August 27th, 2009 Gallery, Multimedia 0

Huge update today. Added videos and screencaptures of all “So NoTORIous” extra features, thanks to Andreas for this preciosity. Enjoy the large post:

Gallery and Video Links:
Extras » Photo Sessions: Screencaptures | Watch Video
Extras » “Plucky” Deleted Scenes: Screencaptures | Watch Video
Extras » “Plucky” Outtakes: Screencaptures | Watch Video
Extras » “Whole” Deleted Scenes: Screencaptures | Watch Video
Extras » “Whole” Outtakes: Screencaptures | Watch Video
Extras » “Street” Deleted Scenes: Screencaptures | Watch Video
Extras » “Street” Outtakes: Screencaptures | Watch Video
Extras » “Jealous” Outtakes: Screencaptures | Watch Video
Extras » “Cursed” Outtakes: Screencaptures | Watch Video
Extras » “Relaxed” Outtakes: Screencaptures | Watch Video
Extras » “Cheritable” Outtakes: Screencaptures | Watch Video
Extras » “Canadian” Outtakes: Screencaptures | Watch Video

August 20th, 2009 Public Appearances 1

Zachary Quinto helps launch “Save the Arcades” campaign at Video West Arcade on Wednesday (August 19) in Glendale, California.

The 32-year-old Heroes actor and Stride Gum worked together on this event, which focuses on saving the arcade. It’s time gamers everywhere band together because sadly, many arcades across the country are down to their last quarter and facing closure. To find out how you can help, visit

You can read a bit more about this here.

Appearances » 2009: Stride’s “Save The Arcades” Campaign

August 19th, 2009 Heroes 0

Added another video interview of Zach talking about Heroes S2. Thanks to Andreas!

Heroes: Season 2 Interview Screencaptures | Watch video

August 18th, 2009 Public Appearances 0

Zachary Quinto and STRIDE launch “Save the Arcades” on August 19, 2009 at Video West Arcade, a local Glendale arcade. “Save the Arcades” focuses on saving an endangered and beloved species – the arcade. STRIDE recently learned that the long lasting tradition of arcade gaming was in jeopardy when multiple iconic arcades were in danger of closing. With its long-standing commitment of supporting the gaming community, STRIDE decided to take action and support the passions of their chewers.

As a longtime fan of arcades, Zachary will be on hand to help STRIDE raise awareness for this important cause and keep the dream alive for gamers everywhere. He will pose for photographs, interact with employees and go head-to-head with local consumers on classic arcade games.

August 18th, 2009 Heroes 1


It was released the first season 4, Redemption, promotional poster!

Also, The ODI has posted a few days ago the official NBC Press Release, which you can read below:

On September 21, “Heroes” returns with its fourth season and a brand-new volume – “Redemption.” As the dust settles from last season, our heroes attempt to settle back into their ordinary lives. But, as they will quickly discover, it’s not easy to go home again. They will face one pressing question: how do extraordinary people lead ordinary lives?

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