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Zach and Zoe was guest at The Jonathan Ross Show and did a great interview – Zach played banjo, you guys! – and I have screencaptures up in the gallery. The show can be watch below, Zach and Zoe appears at 02:48 mark:

Zachary Quinto: boldly going where other actors fear to


It is no small matter to take on a role as iconic to a world of fans as Spock in the new Star Trek movies. But Zachary Quinto – one of Hollywood’s few openly gay film stars – is a forceful presence, with clear ideas of where he’d like his work to lead

Zachary Quinto’s eyebrows are a thing of wonder. They sit on his forehead like cat’s tails, arching and twitching as he speaks, lending everything he says a subtle emphasis. After a few minutes in their company, you become quite mesmerised by their expressive movements. It’s not inconceivable that Zachary Quinto’s eyebrows could have a successful Hollywood career all of their own.

So it seems a pity that the role for which Quinto is best known, the role that catapulted him to major box-office success, required these follicular features to be partly removed, covered by heavy make-up and painstakingly reapplied, hair by hair, in a process that lasted several hours. And all because Quinto is about to return to the big screen as the razor-browed Spock in the new Star Trek movie, directed by sci-fi wunderkind JJ Abrams.

It must have been odd, I say, to lose such a distinguishing part of his face.

“I know! Tell me about it,” says Quinto. “It’s an uncomfortable aspect of having to play the character, having to shave three-quarters of my eyebrows and maintain them every day plucking them – it’s very painful and tedious.”

There was a separate make-up artist who applied the famously pointy Vulcan ears and the whole process took “two hours and 45 minutes. So if we had a 6am call-time, I’d have to be there at 3am.” And is he a morning person? “No, no,” he grins. “Not at all.”

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Star Trek UK – Special Movie Issue

‘STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS’: Screencaptures Update

I went ahead and capped some TV Spots, featurettes and clips (if you missed it, you can watch it all here) and added at the gallery.

Mission Continues: Charity Benefit

As you may know, Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot are teaming up with Charitybuzz to auction off a four pack of VIP tickets to Star Trek Into Darkness’ Los Angeles premiere on May 14, 2013. The charity auction will benefit The Mission Continues, with Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot pitching in up to $25,000 to match the winning bid and increase the funds raised to benefit the worthy charity.

Bidding is now open on the VIP ticket package and will run through May 9th. The winning bidder and three guests will get to see what it feels like to walk down a red carpet while rubbing elbows with celebs. The winner will also get to meet the Star Trek Into Darkness cast as well as director J.J. Abrams, and then top off the night with tickets to the after-party.

The Mission Continues empowers “post-9/11 veterans on their new missions here at home.” For more info or to bid, visit

The video below was posted on Bad Robots official Twitter account, to promote the charity event. Click on the image to be redirected to the video:



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