July 14th, 2014 Agent 47 0

Collider published an interview done last July 11 during the TCA, when Zach was promoting The Chair. On this interview, he talked a bit about Hitman: Agent 47 due out in theaters on February 27, 2015.

Collider: What was it like to shoot in Berlin for Agent 47?

ZACHARY QUINTO: I love Berlin. Berlin is one of my favorite cities. I had a great time living in that city. I’ve been there many times. I’ve probably been to Berlin 10 times. One of my really good friends from college moved there in 2002. It’s really great, and it’s thriving and growing and building. I feel really grateful that I got to work there for that amount of time. I felt really inspired by being there, for sure. There’s a lot of great museums. I would spend my downtime exploring the city and looking at different architecture in the neighborhoods. I love it there.

The Hitman video game is known for its great action sequences. What will this film add to the action genre?

QUINTO: There’s a style to the movie. Óttar Guðnason, who is our D.P., and Aleksander Bach, our director, were able to do some amazing cinematographic work. The cinematography in the film is enormously impressive. There’s a patina to it that is really cool. I haven’t seen it yet and I don’t know how it will come together, or the degree to which it will succeed visually. But from what I saw on set, in the monitors, and the sequence that they put together as a teaser while we were making the movie, I was pretty blown away, especially knowing what the budget it. I think they did some remarkable work. Hopefully, there is an element of character to it, as well. With Rupert Friend, Hannah Ware, Ciarán Hinds, Thomas Kretschmann and myself, there are some really cool actors involved. I’m excited to see what happens with it, for sure.

As a fan of Homeland, have you put in your bid with Rupert Friend to come do the show?

QUINTO: I would love to be on that show. Although, I don’t know if I could do it. They’re in Cape Town now, working down in South Africa, and I’m a homebody. I’m grateful that I was able to work in L.A. for a number of years, and now in New York. So, we’ll see.

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This is the trailer for Passage to Mars, a Jules Verne Adventures production, directed by Jean-Christophe Jeauffre and narrated by Zachary Quinto.

The First Human Voyage To The Red Planet Has Already Begun. An Epic Expedition to the Arctic with NASA and the Mars Institute becomes a passage to another world and the first steps to Mars…

An experimental Humvee Rover, built by the Mars Institute and NASA, attempts a dangerous Northwest Passage drive. The goal: to plan future Martian explorations so our astronauts may safely maneuver the Red Planet. Devon Island in the High Canadian Arctic is a mysterious place where that first trip to Mars is being modeled. It’s a place called “Mars On Earth”.

Zach attended today the Summer TCA to talk about ‘The Chair’ the new Starz series he’s executive producer.

“I had a certain level of skepticism about involving myself in a documentary series. But I think the thing that I recognized is that this show was made with a certain level of creative integrity and that it truly is about documentation rather than manipulation,” Quinto said of the series, which premieres Sept. 6. “I think Anna and Shane would attest to that as the filmmakers. We stayed out of the way we captured stuff and we tell the story of the show based on what actually happened rather than trying to make things happen.”

“The Chair,” created by “Project Greenlight” alum Chris Moore, chronicles the efforts of Shane Dawson and Anna Martemucci to make their films on a relatively paltry budget of $950,000, only $600,000 of which was available as discretionary budget to the directors. The winner will be determined by viewers via a multiplatform voting process.

Zach also talked about returning to Heroes:

“I’ve been in touch with Tim [Kring, creator] and he told me they were doing this and we left the door open for me to be involved, the trouble is really my availability,” Quinto said. “I don’t know that it would really even be possible. And it’s a challenge for me because that experience and role and opportunity really changed my life completely and sent me on a path that I might not have otherwise have been on, but at the same time I’m very interested in forward momentum, I’m very interested in expanding and defying people’s expectations of me.”

“I don’t know that going back to such a definitely iconic character would necessarily do that,” Quinto continued. “So it’s a larger question that I haven’t had to answer because no one’s actually given me an offer. We’ll see. I’m glad they’re doing it and I know that whether or not I’m involved that the fans will enjoy it.”

Sources: IGN and The Wrap.

July 9th, 2014 Public Appearances 0

July 2nd, 2014 Gallery, Others 0

A new advert for Newcastle Brown Ale was released, and you can find screencaptures and the video added:

June 27th, 2014 Multimedia, News, Zach 0

U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power and “Star Trek” star Zachary Quinto joined forces Thursday to promote gay rights while commemorating the 45th anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall Inn riots.

The Stonewall Inn riots are credited with launching the modern gay rights movement and more than 100 people attended the event at the Roosevelt House at Hunter College, one of many throughout June to celebrate LGBT Pride Month.

Power, Quinto and LGBT activists Bill Bahlman and Alyx Steadman noted progress in gay rights issues, pointing to 19 states that have legalized gay marriage and the large number of openly gay military members.

But they also spoke to the challenges faced by the gay rights movement, such as proposed state laws that would allow business owners to turn away LGBT people because of religious beliefs.

“How do we expand, not only in this country but around the world, this sense of acceptance?” Quinto said. “It can’t rest on legislation or laws or rules. It has to be something more than that.”

Watch the panel, which was live streamed yesterday, in the video below:

June 27th, 2014 Public Appearances 0

Thanks Holly for some of the pictures.

June 25th, 2014 Gallery, Others 0

Zachary Quinto stars in a new ad for Newcastle Brown Ale. Check screencaptures in our gallery and the video in our archive:

June 24th, 2014 Public Appearances 0

Zachary attended tonight the “One Thrilling Combination”, a gala to celebrates the life and work of the late composer Marvin Hamlisch at the Delacorte Theater.

“Marvin Hamlisch was one of the great spirits of American music, and A Chorus Line was a show that changed everything about how musicals were made,” Public Theater artistic director Oskar Eustis said in a statement. “It also created The Public Theater we cherish today. This gala will honor that amazing show and thank Marvin Hamlisch for his extraordinary gifts to us all.”

Zach is expected to performance tonight, like reported Playbill.

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June 19th, 2014 Girls 0

Earlier today, Daily Mail published a serie of paparazzi pictures with Zach and HBO’s Girls star Lena Dunham on set in Brooklin. No one has heard anything about it, but after the photos, HBO has confirmed that he will guest-star on season 4.

TV Line reported that his participation is an one-off stint.

Season 3 of Girls ended with Dunham’s Hannah Horvath getting accepted to the prestigous Iowa Writers’ Workshop — but the fact that Dunham and Quinto filmed their scene in the hipster enclave of Bushwick indicates at least some of the season will take place in New York.

The presence of a large gray trash can and a clear plastic bag of recycled beverage cans in the backdrop of the photo indicates that perhaps Hannah is exploring her altruistic side through some volunteer work. Either that, or she’s engaged in some court-ordered community service.

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