Associated Content – May 30, 2007

Ten Facts About the Personal Life and Career of the Actor that Plays TV’s Most Engaging Villain
by Wanda Leibowitz

Zachary Quinto brings a ferocious intensity to the cold, calculating supervillain Sylar on the hit television series “Heroes.” However, the real Zachary Quinto has little in common with his dark, scheming character. Read on to learn more about Zachary Quinto, including his
insights on why people connect so strongly with “Heroes,” and what trait he shares with his murderous character.

1. While attending Central Catholic High School as a teenager in Pennsylvania, Quinto won the school’s Gene Kelly Award for his portrayal of the General in the Gilbert & Sullivan musical “The Pirates Of Penzance.”

2. According to Zachary Quinto, if he were granted a superpower in real life he would choose invisibility. He says it would “simplify” his life to be able to disappear and reappear at will.

3. Although the bulk of his career has been spent on the small screen, Zachary Quinto is a highly trained stage actor who attended the professional training program at prestigious Carnegie Mellon University. He graduated in 1999.

4. When asked why he thinks passionate viewers have made “Heroes” such an overwhelming hit, Zachary Quinto told one reporter his thoughts on the show. The actor said “It’s incredibly well executed as a production from the very top all the way down, the standard is set really high, and everybody works as hard as they know how to work. I think that’s one reason that the show’s so successful. As far as the stories are concerned, I think we live in a time when people are hungry for

5. Gossipmongers have claimed a romantic link between Zachary Quinto and Rumer Willis, the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis. The two were allegedly spotted on a date at Hollywood restaurant “Boulevard” in March 2007.

6. Although many actors have to tread the audition circuit for years before making any steps forward in their career, Zachary Quinto started finding success early on, before he even finished school. At his graduation showcase, the culminating performance of his training at Carnegie Mellon, Quinto managed to grab the attention of both his first agent and his first manager.

7. Between his tv debut in 2000 and winning the part of Sylar on “Heroes” in 2006, Zachary Quinto landed roles on nineteen different television series. Some of his most memorable parts include Tori Spelling’s campy best friend on the pseudo-reality comedy series “So NoTORIous,” and the computer genius Adam Kaufman on the hit suspense drama “24.”

8. Quinto was born June 2nd, 1977, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

9. Although he says that some fans are scared to approach him, perhaps because of how dangerous his character, Zachary Quinto often surprises “Heroes” fans by how different he is in affect and in personality than Sylar is on the show. The mild-mannered Quinto says of fan interactions: “One thing that people always say to me is like, you’re the nicest villain I’ve ever met.”

10. Although Zachary Quinto and Sylar have very little in common, Quinto does point to one shared trait. When asked about his similarities to his character on “Heroes,” the actor told one reporter “I would say we both have a desire to be valued. My desire to be valued is manifested in cultivating relationships with my friends and family. Sylar’s desire to be valued manifests itself…well, in a murderous rampage.”