The site is always needing help, since it’s almost impossible to get tuned and up-to-date with everything Zach is doing. So, if you want to help the site, see here what I’m needing:

Alerts. Do you know any new upcoming appearance? Saw a new magazine? Read something online which is Zach related, and pretty interesting? So let me know!
Videos. Any video, from any time. We’re building a large video archive, so any new footage will be very welcome!
Scans. I live in Brazil, and sometimes isn’t too easy to find new magazines, specially from Europe and Asia. If you have a magazine that you didn’t see in our gallery, and can scan it, please, send in!
Pictures. I’m always open to receive new pictures, and make the gallery even better. Do you have something I don’t and want to contribute? Please, send in. Did you attended any appearance Zach was in, saw him on set, and was able to take a picture? Wanna share it with other fans? Send it!
Fanarts. I l-o-v-e fanarts, but can’t do it. I’m not talented to make gorgeous graphics. But if you are, and can share it with other fans, please, drop me a line. I would love to fill the gallery with your work.

All credits will be done. I really won’t take property of anything you send me. If you don’t have a site, I’ll credit you by email, or simply your name, but I will.

To email me, please, use the contact form and I’ll let you know how you can send in the files.


It would be impossible to mantain this site without help. So a big thank you to the following:

  • Green – For recording videos that I’m not able to. You rock!
  • Cinzia, faded_facade, Milkandmolasses, Elke, Maria – For the amazing scans donated.
  • roqi, di_elle, herm_weasley, mata, kovaryo, lynaem_88, thefreshchuff and all people from ZQfans – You guys can find anything, thanks for the daily heads up!
  • Gertie – You’re amazing and you know that. Thanks for the media, the support, the hosting, etc, etc.
  • Sean Akers – For allowing me use the personal pictures of Zach. Thanks!
  • Joe Quinto – For the amazing portraits, thank you!