Looking at Sunshine Reef Slot Machine Online

Sunshine Reef is an online slot game created by IGT Games. It features a theme based around marine wildlife, all of which are pictured here as the cutest creatures ever to exist on planet earth. From dolphins to seahorses, all smile radiantly and animate adorably upon being matched. The art style, although simplistic in nature, is clearly done by a professional. Some may say it is a poor representation of real marine wildlife, but one can hardly judge these animated water critters on any realistic level.


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Super Cars Online Slot Game

The Super Cars Online Slot Game

Super Cars is an online slots real money Canada game created by IGT Games. It features a theme based around unreasonably expensive automobiles and motorcycles, which is sure to put smiles on the faces of those speed obsessed petrol heads out there. From flashy sports cars to leather clad ladies atop bolt of lightening motorbikes, it can all be seen in this high octane slot game, with each vehicle even featuring an animation sequence upon being matched.


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Warragul Harness Racing Track Reviewed

The Warragul Harness Horse Racing track is one of the longest running harness horsing racing facilities in Australia. The long history of the establishment speaks of professionalism, passion, and a love for strong breeds of racing horses. Visitors to the track can enjoy live horse racing at one of the many events that occur, while also taking advantage of the gourmet restaurant and many other luxury entertainment facilities. A number of package deals are available for groups and family outings.


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