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Super Cars Online Slot Game

The Super Cars Online Slot Game

Super Cars is an online slots real money Canada game created by IGT Games. It features a theme based around unreasonably expensive automobiles and motorcycles, which is sure to put smiles on the faces of those speed obsessed petrol heads out there. From flashy sports cars to leather clad ladies atop bolt of lightening motorbikes, it can all be seen in this high octane slot game, with each vehicle even featuring an animation sequence upon being matched.

Super Cars is, however, a slightly dated game, and it does not offer the crisp graphics quality seen in more modern slot games. It does still boast high production value, though, and there is much fun to be had, even by veteran slot game players.

In terms of play style Super Cars uses a five reel twenty play line system, with the player able to raise or lower betting lines as they see feet. This provides a game experience that is not only exciting to look at, but also fun to approach from a strategic angle. Super Cars is available now to play as a no download slots game on desktop computer, mobile phone and tablet.

Fast Cars And Big Wins

There are many sports cars featured in the game, many of which probably bare the logos of famous companies such as Lamborghini and Ferrari, but none of this is clearly stated in the game. Car fanatics will have to recognise the vehicles by their shape and design.

The most valuable symbol in the game is the red sports car, which will payout a good amount if matching the total of five times. This is followed by the nitro oxide tanks, then the green sports car. The remaining blue and yellow sports cars are the least valuable picture symbols, followed last by the two playing card icons, king and ace. In order to really crank up to sixth gear and rake in the cash, however, the player must take advantage of the multiple bonus symbols.

Features And Bonuses

The feature icon in the Super Cars slot game is represented by a gold trophy. The symbol will first of all pay an astronomical amount upon being matched, which in itself is enough to make a player jump for joy. But a mini-game will also be triggered, featuring some of the most shameless sports car parading you will ever see. During the mini-game the player must select their favourite cars, and hope that big prizes are hidden beneath.

The next bonus symbol is the wild symbol, pictured as the word wild written in flaming letters. This symbol will, of course, match with any other symbol to create a matching sequence, except the scatter and feature symbol. And that brings us to the last two special icons, the scatter symbol and the jackpot symbol. The scatter symbol, upon being matched, will grant twenty free spins. It is recognisable as the image with three sports cars. The jackpot symbol is the white sports car, which will award a mini-jackpot upon being matched three times, and the major jackpot upon being matched five times.